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NORTH OF THE GOLDEN GATE a special artist resides and display for  locations often company with the artist’s “Public Exhibit”. Unique creations explained transpired sharing while genuinely translated by Charles Griffith. He pioneered an extended mixture of artistry, expressing a greater variety of mediums in a multitude of mastered motifs from the California Entertainment Industry. His rendering all the years while personally experimenting  in constant pursuit of dedication, mastering unique techniques. Wonderful intuition of expression like none other, nor can other Artists evolving  aesthetic discoveries defining ACRYLIC FLOW EXPERIENCE……..

THESE SAMPLES  mostly sold, to verify consistent quality clic on each.   GREATER INTEREST  share Email anytime, or JOIN  with CURRENT EXHIBITS THIS SUMMER,

DUE TO PATRON RESPONSE, WILL NOW PROVIDE LOCAL  GALLERIES FOR  convenience, peruse  2 Major Galleries in  WINE COUNTRY DAILY.  This will be able to purchase and contact  for collecting , visit these addresses on page titled “EXHIBIT LOCATIONS” here……………..